Nearly two tonnes of rubbish were collected on the West Cumbrian coast as part of an overseas mission for Isle of Man beach cleaners.

Nine volunteers from the Beach Buddies charity, which was formed on the island, visited the area for a long weekend of beach cleaning and meeting residents and representatives from Copeland council.

Local people came out in force as more than 40 cleaners tackled marine rubbish on the coast near Ravenglass, with the remains of small boats and huge quantities of plastic among the estimated one tonne of rubbish found.

The following day a clean-up was held at Braystones beach where a smaller group of volunteers collected about two thirds of a tonne of waste.

Bill Dale, who founded the charity and travelled over, said: "The response was better than anyone expected.

“We had organised posters and the local media also gave valuable coverage, but no one expected there to be as many as 47 people on the beach.

“Most important of all was the arrival of a number of families with their children who are absolutely vital to solving this problem, not just in Britain, but around the world."

Following the clean-up, Beach Buddies presented £100 worth of litter pickers to the group in the hope that they will be used for regular events in the area.

“Last weekend was very similar to how it all started in the Isle of Man many years ago, and there were very encouraging signs and enthusiasm which gives great hope for the future in spreading the message that it can be resolved by the community getting together," Bill added.