A MUM-of-three has launched a scheme to help struggling parents - blaming the difficulties on the current Government.

Siobhan Poland has launched a Facebook page called Tories Stories Babies Donations via which she collects unwanted baby items to redistribute to people in need.

Siobhan, who represents Mirehouse on Whitehaven Town Council, said: "I just want to help people who have babies and are struggling. We've just had a baby and we're not working at the moment and we had to rely heavily on family and friends. We've seen first hand how it is and we want to help those in the same situation."

Siobhan is mum to Kaitlin Cunningham-Gearing, 10, Jackson Cunningham-Gearing, five, and four-month-old Greyson Poland.

She said the name of her project was a "dig" at the Tory Government. "Minimum wage is so poor so even those who are working can't afford a great deal. Universal Credit is shocking and the benefits are given in monthly payments. People are expected to budget for an entire month, that's not always going to work out," she added. People who want to donate items or are in need of baby items, can contact Siobhan via her Facebook page to arrange for drop-off or collections. Mirehouse rugby club is also helping by storing items.

Siobhan said: "People can contact me anonymously and we can give items confidentially." You can email Siobhan at shiv.poland@gmail.com