EGREMONT is set to experience a housing boom with plans for two major developments potentially being given the go-ahead tomorrow.

They have been welcomed by residents keen to see more housing for all.

An application to build a block of apartments next to Egremont bypass and plans to redevelop part of Royal Drive will go before Copeland Council's planning panel on Wednesday.

Plans have been lodged by Exceptional Care Boat & Property Ltd for a block of 24 flats and 10 houses on land next to the junction of the Egremont bypass and East Road.

The development would be three and a half storeys high and would have 21 two-bedroom and three one-bedroom flats.

The plans includes 42 parking spaces, part of which would be situated in an under-croft parking area.

The proposed 10 houses would take the form of three terraced blocks.

There would be 23 parking spaces and all of the properties would have rear garden space.

Access would be via the south eastern corner off East Road and the junction would be upgraded.

The site, which has been empty for over 30 years, was formerly a dairy and chocolate factory.

Meanwhile, Home Group wants to demolish 28 flats on Royal Drive and redevelop the site for 26 new houses.

The application says the existing properties have "now reached the end of their life cycle" and the majority are now empty or in a "dilapidated state".

The proposed development will include a mix of two and three bedroom semi-detached properties and will all be for the social market.

Each property will have two parking spaces.

The existing garages and parking court to the rear of the site will be replaced with six semi-detached properties.

There will also be a green space opposite the junction with Kings Drive and footpaths serving the surrounding houses.

Town councillor Lena Hogg said: "Any development is a good thing for Egremont. We need more houses, certainly top of the range ones, as we have people coming in.

"It would do the shops a whole lot of good.

"If we want to promote the area this will help. Although planners have to look at the whole package - parking, how the development will impact on schools and services."

Fellow councillor Sam Pollen said: "The social housing is great news, there's a big need for this in the area."