County officials have appointed a new Cadet Commandant who promises exciting new opportunities for Cumbrian youth.

Colonel Guy Harnby, has recently been appointed the prestigious position of Commandant of Cumbria Army Cadet Force.

The role involves leading a group of 50 cadets through a series of expeditions involving skills such as: map reading, first aid, navigation, shooting and many more.

Colonel Harnby will also lead the cadets in an insightful expedition to Normandy in Northern France to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Second World War.

Colonel Harnby said: “It is an enormous privilege to be taking over as Commandant and be responsible for nearly 90 Adult Volunteers and 400 children in Cumbria.

"I hope we will provide them with exciting opportunities and experiences, which will stand them in good stead long after they leave school.

"Most of all I hope what they do continues to be fun and a place where they make friends for life."

Colonel Harnby, a regular army officer for 30 years, has been the Deputy Commandant of Cumbria Cadets for a year and will take up his new appointment in the summer.

Colonel Harnby's son is also involved with the Cadet force, currently serving as an Officer Cadet at Sandhurst.

Robbie Harnby, 24, attended Leven Valley Primary School, Backbarrow, and Sedbergh School before attending Northumbria University. He is in his fifth week of training at Sandhurst and will commission in December before joining his new Regiment.

Colonel Harnby said: "It's come full circle that Robbie has followed in my footsteps. He has always had such an outdoor and outward way of looking at life, he's drawn to adventure."

Colonel Harnby will officially begin his post as Cadet Commandant in August.

He added: "I was a cadet once and to come back 40 years later is an absolute privilege.

"It's very exciting. It's a youth organisation at the end of the day which helps children develop their skills enormously which is fantastic."