Join the debate - Whitehaven News reader J Wilson has written about the amount of litter in the town:

COACH ROAD and the cycleway connecting it to Preston Street are probably two of the dirtiest areas in Whitehaven. They are part of the ‘takeaway route’ from McDonalds and the nearby Filling Station Shop and are plagued with discarded cups, cardboard and plastic containers, wrappers, partially eaten food and the like.
I have written many letters over the past year or two to both councillors and the council themselves pointing out that there is not one litter bin on the length of either section and stressing the urgent need for them.
Regrettably, I have never had any acknowledgement to my letters, let alone any meaningful response. It is about time that the council took notice of the increasing anger and frustration felt by the residents and took appropriate action to clean up Coach Road and this section of the cycleway.