Whitehaven’s Roc Bar is saying New Year, New Me’ and changing its name to Club 135, to fit its fresh, new personality.

Owners of the currently-named Roc Bar, Mark Johnson and Danielle Lee, are changing the venue’s name on January 31 to fit its new, updated atmosphere and decor.

Club 135 will boast live acts and celebrity events, as well as touches of Ibiza, such as saxophonists playing along to house R&B music.

When asked about the reason for the name change, co-owner Mark explained: “It’s always something we’ve thought about, but we’ve been changing things throughout the year, and a lot of work has been done to it since September, so now it looks and feels so different to when we first took it over that we feel it needs a fresh name.”

Previously a bustling sports bar from the 90s, the venue has been redecorated and updated to give it a newer, more current feel, including painting the ceiling black to make it seem more like a club than a bar.

“We want famous DJs to come and entertain people for us, but they don’t want to play in a ‘bar’, so hopefully changing its name will draw more attention to it and get more famous DJs in”, the 43-year-old venue owner said.

The name Club 135 was chosen simply and cleverly because ‘1, 3, 5’ are the units that the club is based in - “everyone asks me about the name”, Mark laughed.

After visiting Ibiza twice in the past year, Mark said: “Ibiza is the place to go to see what’s relevant and fresh” adding that’s why the due want Club 135 to have an Ibizan feel.

“We get loads of younger people coming in, but we still get all the old regulars of the sports bar as well, so everyone’s welcome,” added Mark.