Whitehaven Foyer is getting a new sign after five young people under the care of the charity learn the art of using a traditional sign writer.

The youngsters from Whitehaven Foyer took part in a day-long course, in which they learned how to construct individual letters, map out signs, and create the traditional imagery associated with sign-writing.

Davina Halliday (member of the Guild of Craftsmen) led the course, and commented on the experience, saying, "it was wonderful to work with the young folk, and they have some extraordinary talents. I hope and wish that they all do really well in the future and that they always have dreams to fulfil".

The sign created by the young people of Whitehaven Foyer will adorn the outside of the Foyer's building on Irish Street.

The course was part of the Whitehaven Townscape Initiative, which has provided funding for refurbishment of residential and retail properties in Market Place and James Street, as well as training local builders in heritage construction techniques.

Other courses in traditional skills have also been offered to the public before.

Mayor Mike Starkie is proud of the young people involved, saying, "as the THI scheme draws to a close, it's wonderful to see these traditional techniques embedding in our communities. These young people have learned something invaluable and I commend them for getting involved in the heritage of their town and their own building. It will be fantastic to see the finished signs adorning the side of this important building".

Whitehaven's Town Heritage Initiative is funded by: Heritage Lottery Fund, Britain's Energy Coast, Copeland Borough Council, and the Copeland Area Committee of Cumbria County Council.