A Workington woman who is living with multiple sclerosis is appealing for help funding a vital home extension to make life easier.

Catherine Gibson, 57, and husband Kevin, 53, need to raise £6,000 to build a bedroom and wetroom extension to their house on Wastwater Avenue.

Primary progressive MS is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord and has left Catherine unable to walk and with only limited use of one of her hands.

The symptoms are expected to continue to get worse and with Catherine struggling to climb the stairs, the couple decided to take action by looking to adapt their home.

They have secured a £30,000 through Allerdale council but have to find the rest of the money themselves and must pay for the project before it is completed.

Kevin, who works as a driving instructor, said: "It's very important because Cath has primary progressive MS and she can't get up the stairs at all, even with a stairlift.

"I've got emphysema so even I struggle to get up the stairs.

"I put a fundraiser on Facebook the day before Christmas Eve which has raised £125 up to now so money has started to come in.

"We decided in the middle of last year that we needed to do something with the wetroom.

"It's a case of necessity; Cath has got a powered wheelchair but obviously she can't get that up the stairs."

Catherine worked as a secretary before her diagnosis but was forced to quit work due to MS and the impact of the condition on the family's lives has been huge and Kevin said anything which can make that more comfortable is welcome.

"Cath was diagnosed in September 2010 and we married that December," he said.

"It's come on in eight years and life's never the same.

"This is all about making life a little bit easier."

The five-figure sum from Allerdale council was a disabled facilities grant, which is money used to help people adapt their homes.

A spokesman for the council said: "Disabled facilities grants are essential to help people in Allerdale adapt their homes to their own specific needs.

"By implementing changes, it can make it much easier and safer for residents to go about their daily life.

"Last year, the council was able to support 186 Allerdale residents with grants that will help them to maintain an independent lifestyle.

"As part of the Government’s autumn spending review, a further £55 million in DFG funding was announced and it is expected that Allerdale will receive £128,000.

"This will enable the team to order works for those grants that have been approved and placed on a waiting list."

To donate, visit Kevin's online fundraiser at www.facebook.com/donate/332796000896943/

For more information about disabled facilities grants visit www.allerdale.gov.uk/en/housing/housing-grants/