'Ashes', starring BAFTA nominee, Ruth Madeley and based in Whitehaven releases online next Monday.

The short film featured exterior shots of St. Bees Head with Whitehaven as the setting. The independent short film has been nominated for several awards including the London Lift-Off Film Festival.

Lead actress, Ruth Madeley was motivated to take the role because it did not revolve around her use of a wheelchair. The BAFTA nominee is not the only highly successful talent on-board the project. Lyndsay Rowan produced and starred in the independent film, she has previously won a BAFTA and an Emmy for factual and documentary production.

Lyndsay Rowan found filming in the Cumbrian coast to be a pleasant experience: "Whitehaven was the perfect location to shoot 'Ashes'. Not only was everyone local so helpful and friendly but the landscape of the harbour and in turn St. Bees both just elevated the production value of our film and made it look better than we could have dreamed of."

The drama revolves around two sisters who are coming to terms with the loss of their mother, while deep-seated resentment between them still resides. Whitehaven was the destination of their last family holiday so they journey to the Cumbrian coast to scatter their mother's ashes.

Debutant Paul McIntyre penned the script. Although the short film is his only IMDB credit, he has previously won an award for TV writing.

Being an independent project, the success of the film relies on an online promotional campaign. 'Ashes' will be available on Vimeo from Monday December 10.