STAFF and pupils at the newly re-opened St Bees School are celebrating after receiving a glowing first Ofsted report.

Inspectors have rated the school as “good” in all areas, praising its “expert” teaching, “outward looking” leaders and “enthusiastic” pupils.

The report says: “In the short time the school has been open, leaders, managers and staff have created a welcoming environment that is conducive to learning. Teachers have good subject knowledge. The curriculum provides pupils with a range of experiences that enthuse and motivate them. Parents are extremely positive about the school.”

Headteacher Gareth Seddon, said: “I think what comes out of the report is that this is a real team effort. The enjoyment of the pupils themselves and the great support of the parents, the determination of all staff to make sure that we are successful and always offer the best opportunities is something that was acknowledged by inspectors.

“I think we were very strong on teaching and learning, bearing in mind inspectors were seeing the same children over and over again.

“We were only six weeks in and for inspectors is absolutely fantastic.”

The report says the school needs to “hone its approach to development planning” and “improve the systems to monitor and evaluate pupils’ academic progress”. It also needs to develop the curriculum by “extending pupils’ opportunities to develop their skills in art and music”.

Mr Seddon said: “The improvements they’ve suggested, there’s nothing we don’t know. You can’t have done everything in that initial six week period and I understand that inspectors have to go with what they see at that point.”

Mr Seddon added that the inspection had come as a surprise.

“I wasn’t expecting to get it six weeks in,” he said. “It was clear that the inspectors thought we were a much bigger school with far more pupils in all year groups. I think they were a little surprised to be doing it so early as well. I’m particularly glad to show off against the Ofsted standards in such a short space of time what we’ve managed to do.”