Danica's Dream Fund has gained another sizeable donation, increasing the total pot to £20,000.

John Maxwell lost his daughter to cancer when she was only 15. Since then he has been raising funds to help other sufferers of the disease, naming the charity in her honour. When he speaks of the fund, he refers to it as 'Danica's charity', attributing its positive work to her. Danica had plans to raise money for those affected by cancer before she passed away in December 2010. The Maxwell family are carrying the torch in her name.

The latest amount was raised by the Co-operative group. "The Co-op choose a charity every year." Shoppers are given a card with their purchases to give to a charity, proceeds raised by the selling of bags were also donated. Co-op presented the cheque to a trustee of the charity in Egremont on Saturday.

Mr Maxwell spoke about the people that benefit from that money. "It all goes towards children, up to 25 that have been affected by cancer."

Proceeds have previously been raised by sponsorship money. "I got a few people in The Great North Run for my daughters charity."

"I try to get as much going as possible".

John and the rest of the team attempt to bring in a constant influx of charity money because they know first hand the impact it can have. "Days out, weekends away, anything to make time in hospital more bearable because we know what it's like."

Through Danica's Every Click page, fundraisers can add to the charity pot. The page is filled with messages of support and information on what charity events are taking place in aid of the cause. Donations can be made by visiting www.everyclick.com/danicasdreamfund