Youngsters at Jericho Primary School swapped the classroom for the newsroom as they created their own front-page news stories.

The junior journalists wrote articles based on the popular children's book, Ug: boy genius of the stone age, for a mock edition of the Whitehaven News.

Year Three pupils learned how to write a news story, including how to create captivating headlines and captions and writing in the past tense.

Children also questioned The Whitehaven News reporter, Lucy Starkie, on what it is like to be a journalist.

The news reporting is part of a wider project, which has seen pupils learn about the stone age period in history and look at rocks and fossils in science.

Youngsters have also written letters to Ug and considered how their lives compare to his.

Teacher Tabitha Barlow said: "Though writing a newspaper article is a challenge for Year Three, they thoroughly enjoyed doing it. It allowed them to apply their skills to a real life situation and they have enjoyed pretending to be journalists in class. Writing for The Whitehaven News, gave their writing a purpose."