The chairman of Stobart Group asked a secretary to write Andrew Tinkler's resignation letter, a High Court trial has heard.

Iain Ferguson, said he had been trying to make things easier for former chief executive Mr Tinkler.

Mr Ferguson denied arranging for the letter to be written behind Mr Tinkler's back, and said Mr Tinkler had indicated that he wanted to stand down.

But a barrister leading Mr Tinkler's legal team described what Mr Ferguson had done as "quite extraordinary".

Stobart bosses have sued Mr Tinkler.

They say Mr Tinkler conspired with other businessmen to harm the company's interests and made claims about money spent on air travel.

Bosses want Judge Jonathan Russen to rule that Mr Tinkler was lawfully dismissed.

Mr Tinkler, who was chief executive of the business between 2007 and 2017, denies wrongdoing – saying he was removed for no good reason, and has counter-claimed.

Judge Russen is overseeing a trial in London which began yesterday.