Copeland MP Trudy Harrison is due to meet with Government ministers today to discuss the future of the Moorside site.

The Conservative MP believes that Chinese-state firm China General Nuclear Power Group is a viable replacement for Toshiba, which announced it was pulling out from plans to build the £15 billion nuclear power plant on the land next to Sellafield.

Mrs Harrison has a meeting scheduled with Richard Harrington, Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and also plans to see Business Secretary Greg Clark.

The Conservative MP was in China last week, meeting with representatives from China Nuclear Power Group, known as CGN.

She said: "CGN has an appetite to develop their reactors on Britain. The Moorside site is suitable and attractive. It is owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and not only does Cumbria have 40 per cent of Britain's nuclear workforce – so we are experienced – but the community is also relatively welcoming and supportive of nuclear."

Toshiba announced at a board meeting in Tokyo last Thursday that it was winding up NuGen, its company behind NuGen.

Mrs Harrison paid tribute to the work NuGen did to push forward the development of nuclear new-build but added now was the time to look to the future of the site.

"I will be talking to Government ministers and officials in essence to push forward the Chinese proposals.

"My interference may not be welcomed by some officials – and actually I'm quite proud of being a nuclear nuisance in Parliament – but officials, ministers, MPs and governments come and go.

"My community will be here for many years to come and I am working for my community.

"If there is any chance to put forward proposals for Moorside, I'm going to take it."