TWIN Egremont TV stars Jeffrey and Matthew Postlethwaite have now jetted out to Budapest to start work on their new film.

The White King sees the brothers work alongside Game of Thrones star Jonathan Pryce and Hollywood actress Fiona Shaw.

The plot sees 12-year-old Djata growing up in the dystopian Homeland. When he finds out that his father Peter has been imprisoned by the authorities and he and his mother Hannah are labelled traitors, Djata vows he will not rest until he sees his father again.

The 23-year-old pair, who also starred in the BBC gangster drama Peaky Blinders , play brothers Romulus and Remus Frunza and say this is their biggest role to date.

“We’re extremely excited!” Jeffrey said. “This is our biggest role so far in our acting careers and hopefully it’ll get us some good exposure as it has a celebrity premier planned in London.

“It is an extremely exciting project to be working on and should provide a great stepping stone, leading onto bigger roles and helping us have a long acting career.

“The cast is great and we’re really looking forward to getting started.”

The pair, who live in Los Angeles, have been back in the UK for the past two weeks visiting friends and family and flew out last Thursday.

They will shoot for seven weeks on location, including at a former air force base and along the banks of the Danube.

Matt said: “The script is great, everyone that we have talked to on the project seems fantastic and I think this is going to be a real hit.

“We’re going all out with these characters and leaving no stone unturned. I can’t wait to finally show what we can really do.”

The film’s release date and where it can be seen has yet to be revealed.