ACTING twins from Egremont are jetting off to America as they continue to develop their careers.

Matthew and Jeffrey Postlethwaite return to Los Angeles with plenty to keep them occupied – acting, music and even their own brand of coffee.

Matthew is heading back first as his virtual reality film, New Reality , is up for an award in Las Vegas.

He said: “It’s been nominated for best live action. From that nomination it went out to public vote and it has been voted in the top two.”

While Jeffrey will move Stateside next week after attending the launch of Candid magazine’s latest edition.

The magazine features the twins’ first cover shoot which, although a new experience, was something they relished.

Jeffrey said: “It was weird, but because they knew it was our first one they were really nice. They told us to imagine you’re a superhero and no one else knows.

“At the end, they said ‘How did you enjoy your £100,000 shoot?’ We couldn’t believe it. There was a guard for the watches they brought.”

Once they’re reunited the boys will be hoping to attract roles in one of America’s latest shows.

Matthew said: “It’s pilot season for all the new shows from late January to March.

“We’re looking forward to auditioning, I want to focus on comedy pilots this year. We’re excited to get out there and get back to work.”

And they will also continue their involvement with the Bafta LA Newcomer’s programme, which helps to develop the latest talent.

Matthew said: “If I’d been in LA last week I could have gone to a talk by Cate Blanchett.”

Alongside their acting ambitions, the brothers are in the process of setting up their own not-for-profit coffee brand.

‘Hero Bean’ will launch in partnership with the Fabretto foundation and Bruce & Luke’s Coffee roasters, from Carlisle.

The foundation helps families in Nicaragua improve their livelihoods through education and nutrition.

Matthew said: “We’re going to launch it on a crowdfunding site at first to initially buy the coffee.

“We’ve decided, with the foundation, to pay the farmers more than 30 per cent of what they would normally be paid for the fairtrade price of coffee.

“Our coffee is from Nicaragua, which is where the Fabretto foundation supports people.

“We always wanted to be involved in charity, but with our business background, we thought why not set one up ourselves.”

“And we love coffee,” added Jeff.

And the twins are hoping to move into the music industry as well.

Matthew said: “I want to do a single either this year or next, an R’n’B song. I’m enjoying planning it at the moment, we’ll see where it leads.

“We aren’t revealing too much, but we’ve had meetings with some big names in the music industry.”