A PETITION to have the railway linking Rowrah and Cleator Moor to Whitehaven reopened has been launched.

The old Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway closed in 1965. But, the online petition states: "Since then, the towns of Rowrah and Cleator Moor have been cut off from the rest of Cumbria."

The petition was started by Henry Allum who is a campaigner looking to reopen former railway services across the country. It has collected almost 100 signatures.

He said: "Reopening the railway to Rowrah with intermediate stations at Moor Row and Cleator Moor would help these towns and villages to have a reliable public transport link to Whitehaven and the rest of Cumbria.

"A diesel multiple unit train could shuttle from Whitehaven calling at Corkickle on the Cumbrian Coast Line before branching off at a reinstated Mirehouse Junction to Rowrah.

"The town of Cleator Moor has a population of nearly 7,000, with a reopened railway a significant amount of traffic could be taken off the local roads."

The petition will be delivered to Network Rail, Northern Rail and Cumbria County Council.

So far the petition has gained positive feedback in online comments from around the country. Andrew Woodcraft said: "I have family in Moor Row and the older members of the family would find it a lot easier to visit if the railway was reinstated."

Cleator Moor Chamber of Trade chairman, Dave Farrell, said the reopening of the track would be a "good idea".

He added: "But better do it soon, I'm pretty sure there's outline planning permission for resedential the old goods yard at Moor Row."

To sign the petition, visit www.change.org/p/network-rail-reopen-the-railway-to-moor-row-cleator-moor-and-rowrah