More than 3,000 people have now backed the Save Our Services campaign, sending a strong message to health chiefs.

This week, with just five weeks until the consultation closes, we are upping the ante - asking those who have not signed to do so urgently and those who have to take it a step further by collecting signatures from friends, family and neighbours.

By signing our petition you are helping to get the message across that people across north, west and east Cumbria do not feel the proposals put forward by the Government’s Success Regime are safe, fair or properly thought through.

The plans they have put forward include moving mums in labour, the most sick adults and children and stroke patients 40 miles from Whitehaven to Carlisle.

They would also see vital community beds at hospitals across the area close, with more care delivered in people’s own homes. Such a move would have huge implications for the communities affected, particularly Maryport, Wigton and Alston.

At the same time, bosses also want to reduce the total number of beds in Carlisle’s Cumberland Infirmary and Whitehaven’s West Cumberland Hospital.

Despite widespread concerns being raised at public meetings across the area, bosses have to date failed to allay the fears of our communities. As well as the general public, both current and retired medical staff have also come forward with their concerns.

Thousands of people have also turned out to public meetings across the area, again sending out a strong message that the Success Regime does not have local support.

With only a handful of these now remaining, and just weeks to go before the Healthcare for the Future consultation draws to a close, there is no time to waste.

To join the campaign against the cuts simply sign our online petition here .

For those who have signed online please share the link on social media to help spread the word.

You can also do more by handing out copies of our paper petition and returning the sheets to us before the consultation closes.

We are asking shop owners, community centres, social groups and others to help either by downloading the petition here and printing out copies, or contacting our offices to arrange for some to be sent out.

  • We also want to hear your stories. Do you feel you have a story to tell that would help demonstrate to the Success Regime that their plans aren’t safe?

For more information or for petitions contact health reporter Pamela McGowan on 01228 612661 or email .