West Cumbria's own Southern rockers Jericho Summer have achieved widespread success with their star-studded brand-new album.

The Egremont pair Jay Zeffin and Vanessa Joy's album, Night Train, entered the UK New Releases Chart at number 6 on its release in August, selling out physical copies on Amazon.

With rave reviews and achieving acclaim from the music press on both sides of the Atlantic, the duo are now releasing their second music video of the year, Running Free, shot in Mallorca and featuring a Harley Davidson Street Glide Special, which is the theme of the track.

Vanessa says: “It was great fun making both of the videos here in Mallorca, but it was a tough week.

"In five days we shot two videos and had three photoshoots."

Night Train was produced via a Mallorca-based studio in conjunction with the Music Farm in Egremont, and the pair now live in Spain.

It has meant that a live performance is a tricky prospect, but the album's success has been helped by the presence of Grammy Award-winning guitarist Albert Lee, Guns 'N' Roses member Richard Fortus, and Marco Mendoza from Whitesnake making guest appearances.

Jay says: "We are very pleased with the response from both their fans and the music industry. Sales have been steady and copies of Night Train have been sent out worldwide. We have also sold a lot of T-shirts.

"For the time being we are concentrating on promoting the album and getting our music out there. To do a live performance would be great but it would be a logistical nightmare getting all of the original players together."

With renewed enthusiasm following the success of their debut album, Jericho Summer are now looking ahead to the next record.

Vanessa adds: "We are still writing new material and already we have almost half of the tracks down for a second album, which we would love to do, but for the meantime the Night Train needs to get out there, be established, and keep going along the track."