The Sellafield site in west Cumbria is facing two days of strikes.

Thousands of workers are preparing to hold separate walk-outs in differing disputes.

The latest to be confirmed today is that firefighters on the nuclear site will hold a 12-hour strike on Thursday.

GMB, the union for nuclear workers, has said that the firefighters will strike again after the workforce rejected an offer of an extra £4.30 a week.

The job done by firefighters at Sellafield has been re-evaluated by three separate individual professionals, all recommending an increase, but the union claims that management at the nuclear site have repeatedly ignored the work.

The firefighters will stage their third 12-hour strike on Thursday between 6am and 6pm.

It will run on from a 24-hour walk-out being taken by around 3,000 Sellafield workers in separate disputes, which starts early on Wednesday.

Negotiations have taken place to try and resolve matters since the firefighters dispute arose in the summer.

Previous strike dates were called, then suspended to allow for talks however these proved fruitless and the strike went ahead in October on two separate days.

Chris Jukes, GMB Senior Organiser, said: "Sellafield has offered the firefighters an extra £4.30 net a week in return for providing back up support to the police and the military in the event of a terrorist attack or other catastrophic incident.

“This dispute has always been about the pay and grade of the firefighter's role and GMB members feel insulted by being offered so little for such vital and potentially dangerous work.

“The firefighter's job has been re-evaluated by three separate individual professionals, all recommending an increase, but Sellafield management have repeatedly ignored the work they commissioned and refuse to pay what is fair and reasonable."

Mr Jukes also criticised Sellafield's negotiations.

A Sellafield spokesman said: "The safety and security of the Sellafield site are our priorities during any industrial action.

"Full emergency safety cover will be in place during this strike. This will be provided by Securitas, which supplied cover during the previous firefighters' strike.

"As always, we will work with other agencies to try to minimise disruption for the public."