Businesses are working hard to keep up with all their hot weather sales.

Cockermouth butcher Tony Harrison has been doing a roaring trade at his Main Street business.

“We must have sold a couple of thousand burgers in the last week. We’re selling lots of anything which you can barbecue. Burgers and sausages are the most popular, also kebabs,” said Tony.

“We’re not selling as many pies and roasts in this heat as people don’t want to be stuck inside cooking.”

Staff at Syke Farm Tearoom in Buttermere are working hard to keep up with the demand for their ice cream which is made in the dairy with milk from the farm’s Buttermere Ayrshire cows.

Cook Cathy Houghton said: “Buttermere is always busy but this weather has brought even more people out. The ice-creams are popular and lots of people are going for iced coffees.”

Lots of people have been enjoying the beach at St Bees.

Nicola Sibson, of Hartley’s Beach Shop, said: “We’re always busy but there’s a lot more people around in this great weather, ice creams are very popular. We’re also selling lots of buckets and spades.”

“If it’s hot we’re busy,” said Vicky Twentyman from the Allonby business famous for its ice creams. We have had a lot of people about.”

Ice cream is not on the menu for the animals down the road at Bank Mill Nursery but they are demanding special attention as temperatures soar.

Mel James said the parrots and birds are being sprayed with a cool mist of water.

“They are all just a bit more docile – just like people,” she said.

And, just like people, there are those who are enjoying the hot weather and those that are definitely not.

“We have a baby goat who has refused to go out today,” she said.