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Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Youngsters cry foul as dog dirt is left on football pitch

HEALTH worries have been raised for hundreds of children playing where dogs have been fouling in Cleator.

Tread carefully: The Cleator pitch is well used by young footballers – but also by irresponsible dog owners

Members of the public have complained about the mess both on Cleator Moor Celtic’s football pitch and on the nearby Prospects Row playground.

Peter Hodgson, secretary of Cleator Moor Celtic, said: “All of our junior teams play on this pitch and there is so much dog muck on the pitch it’s disgusting.”

Over a weekend, there are more than 100 children who use the Cleator pitches to play matches on, as well as the adults who use the facilities.

Before every match the grounds have to be checked and cleaned by coaches.

“It is completely irresponsible for dog owners to leave mess on the pitch,” said Peter. “It could get into cuts on people’s hands or in their eyes if they fall over.

“We have been lucky. There haven’t been any health issues yet but that is a matter of luck not management.”

The situation has now been passed on to Cleator Moor Town Council which has called in Copeland Borough Council’s enforcement officer to monitor the area. The officer has since handed out a fixed penalty notice to a dog owner whose pet was caught fouling near St Leonard’s Church.

Helen Gilmour, Cleator Moor Town Council clerk, said: “This is a hygiene problem. Owners need to remember that not picking up their dog mess has a huge impact on other residents.”

Peter added: “I have no idea why people are doing this. We need to make people realise this isn’t OK.

“After a lot of improvements to the site more people are using the facilities but it’s a case of common decency to clean up after your animal.”

Cleator Moor Town Council urges everyone walking their dogs, to ensure that the mess that their dogs leave behind is collected and disposed of responsibly.

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Dog muck. I suggest Ms. Woodburn has a walk around Whitehaven to view the increased amounts of dog muck on the pavements. The two employed 'wardens of Whitehaven'(?), you get paid for ... what exactly ? Answer from Ms. Woodburn please, not holding my breath on this . . . First time for everything really.

Posted by Bern Birbeck on 11 December 2013 at 21:55

It is awful that so called animal lovers do this especially on a football pitch. It isn't any better here at Whitehaven. We live on Harras moor and have a beautiful lane to walk our three dogs but to be honest it is becoming a dog toilet. I find it difficult to get my head around why people would think this is alright to do or is it just laziness. Some people do not think they should carry home their dog waste. Why have them at all. I would like to challenge these people but to be honest I am concerned with the lash back. Our farmer laid Tarmac along the lane at great expense and we all benefit from the way the lane is maintained. So thank you to Harras park farm.

Posted by Anne on 7 December 2013 at 16:28

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