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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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Tide turns on site for nuke plant Add your comments

THESE fields awash around Braystones have raised more fears about building a nuclear power station in the area.

Sinking feeling: Fields near to the site of proposed nuclear new-build

The Braystones farmland coastal location is on the government’s “hit list” for new reactors but last Friday’s deluge caused more alarm among residents who say future flood risks reinforce their opposition to any nuclear development.

One concerned villager, Alec Morton, said: “Much of the water came off the fells but it has only served to strengthen our view that Braystones is not a suitable place for nuclear reactors. Apart from the fields being under so much water, the road between Beckermet and Braystones was flooded to a depth of six feet which made it impassable.

“We get this kind of flooding every year, not once in a thousand years,” Mr Morton declared.

At a lively public meeting last March many Braystones/ Beckermet residents voiced strong opposition to any reactor development and will have another chance to make their feelings known when energy company RWE npower unveil its plans at an exhibition early in the New Year.

Mr Morton said: “We trust RWE and the Department of Energy will take heed of our the feeling in just the same way as the government say that community support is crucial to any area which is eventually considered to host an underground nuclear waste repository.”

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Please would "Marra" advise us of Mr. Reed's relevant qualifications? I can find no scientific training at all. However, I do see that he is trained as a PR man. This would mean that he acts as a mouthpiece for someone who employs him. His loyalties are patently obvious. It is in this PR capacity that he made his career. In my opinion, it does not endow him with nuclear science abilities - it merely enables him, with some pretention at capability, to talk about it in a knowledgeable sort of way. The term "wordsmith" springs to mind. Being impressive is part of that role. I may be wrong and doing the man a disservice.

Still, "Marra" might care to look at the vested interests of those involved in advising the public - quangos, NDA, et al, or look at www.toxiccoast.com for alternative, informed, opinion.

If nothing else, the financial case does not hold up, as witness the Citigroup report on nuclear new-build. (Link from website.)

The HSE has advised the government that new build shouldn't proceed, and there are legal moves to investigate the possibly-illegal funding of the nuclear industry, as some of it seems to be contrary to EU competition law.

Yet the only way nuclear becomes viable is by means of manipulation and distortion of the CO2 emissions, and the use of vast government subsidies; but these will eventually have to be paid for by - guess who. Where will any profits end up? One other question would have to be: why are foreign companies so keen to come here?

Even France, whose energy is largely nuclear-derived is set to double its energy cost in the next ten years - when 25% of French residents already live in fuel poverty already. Despite their reliance on nuclear, their oil imports remain unchanged. The Germans don't like nuclear for environmental and health reasons.


Posted by I Hawkes on 3 December 2009 at 13:02

"The above comment clearly exemplifies the arrogance and ignorance, typified by the industry and some of its 'blind faith' workers."

If you want a lesson in arrogance and ignorance, perhaps I could encourage you to read the parliamentary debates on nuclear power: they'd make for good comedy sketches if it wasn't for the fact that the subject matter was so serious.

It's the ignorance of many MPs about nuclear power that is utterly unbelievable - the average man on Whitehaven's Lowther Street understands more about nuclear power than many MPs.

In these debates, Jamie Reed MP comes across very impressively - not least because it's quite clear he actually knows what he's talking about.

Posted by Marra on 2 December 2009 at 10:59

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