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Friday, 29 May 2015

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Pupils’ desperate plea over dirty dogs of Bransty

FURIOUS children and teachers at Bransty Primary School have hit out at thoughtless dog walkers who let their pets foul near the school.

NO MORE: Bransty School council members putting up posters for dog owners to read with teaching staff Mandy Saulters and Sandra Davidson.

Wheelchair user Logan Hailes is one of the frustrated pupils who has written to The Whitehaven News complaining of having to dodge dog mess on pavements at Mona Road and Haig Avenue.

He said: “On a regular basis I find myself having to drive through the dog muck on the pavements because the kerbs are too high for me to drive onto the road to avoid the mess. Sadly this action causes the dog foul to get pitted in my wheels thus causing it to be transferred onto either the school carpets or the carpets in the back of my car.”

Pupil Robby Hackett said: “We are upset because it causes germs; youngsters can play with it and causes them to become blind if it gets in their eye. The worst part is people are letting dogs do their business on our community.”

And Rebecca Parkinson writes: “We are disgusted there are irresponsible dog owners allowing dogs to foul around our school – and on the pavement.”

Headteacher Joanne Fearon said this plea follows a major dog fouling campaign in 2010. Hundreds signed a petition which was handed to the mayor and the School Council gave a presentation to Copeland Council. Two bins were installed at Bransty – one near the school.

Mrs Fearon said: “It’s just got worse. It’s absolutely appalling. Dog owners are just being lazy not picking up after their pets. People say that the rain water will wash the muck away, but water spreads the problem – it just makes it 10 times worse.”

She said children of all ages and abilities attend the school and they have to zig zag around the mess. Dogwalkers also allow their dogs to foul on a step near the school fence, within the reach of children.

“I tackle it the best way I can. Parents and governors have also been helping, but it just seems to be falling on deaf ears.”

She said walkers have “no excuse” to leave their pets’ muck as there is a litter bin near the entrance.

The School Council met on Tuesday and some of the students’ letters were given to some Copeland councillors. The school also raised concern about motorists parking on zigzags near the school, which makes it difficult for youngsters. Mrs Fearon said: “It’s so inconsiderate of drivers. We have had near misses.”

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Bransty ole lad, I bet its you who is to lazy to pick up the dog poo. Did you know in one year there is 365 days, and it doesn't rain every day in the Lake District/Whitehaven. All it takes is a plastic bag, bag it and bin it THANK YOU

Posted by MRS DAL on 5 February 2014 at 17:15

The council dont care because they dont car about the state of our roads and paths or street lightning, all those are well over due upgrading but they dont care! So why should they care about dog poo, what with all this rain it will wash away anyways.

Posted by bransty ole lad on 3 February 2014 at 13:12

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