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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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Labour keeps its hands on reins at Copeland Council

LABOUR was celebrating in Copeland last week after retaining control of the borough council in the local elections.

Taking an even firmer grip on political control for the next four years, Labour wrested 34 of the 51 available seats – a gain of three on the result four years ago.

The Conservatives now have 15 seats, a loss of four.

For them the biggest upset came in Whitehaven where Bransty, a Tory stronghold, crashed to Labour. It was a clean sweep for candidates Dave Smith, Gillian Troughton and Phil Greatorex.

But it was the declaration of Egremont North midway through last Friday’s count in Whitehaven Civic Hall that brought double jubilation for Labour: the result saw Labour sweep the board and at the same time secured a decisive majority for another term.

For the defeated Tories Bransty was the real bitter pill to swallow.

Chris Whiteside, Conservative parliamentary candidate at the last general election, and Allan Mossop (who represents the West Cumbria Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses) both lost their seats.

Dave Smith, Whitehaven RLFC’s assistant coach, topped the ward poll with 803 votes.

Of the six Bransty ward candidates, Mr Whiteside came next to last on 649.

He said afterwards: “Democracy means people have the right to make their choice. Serving as a councillor is a privilege, not a right.

“I think we fought a good campaign. I love Whitehaven and Copeland and will continue in some form or other to work for the local community.”

Among the individual triumphs for Labour was Karl Connor’s success in Egremont North’s clean sweep. Well-independent known independent Sam Mateer, who had previously defected from Labour, lost his seat.

Coun Connor, a 29-year-old Sellafield press officer and newly appointed Whitehaven RL club director, gained a first-time seat along with Sellafield GMB shop steward Sam Pollen.

Asked what type of council changes he would be looking for over the next four years, Coun Connor said: “First of all it’s about a learning curve for me but I think we are facing really tough times for the whole of the borough.

“We are all going to have to work really hard to ensure Copeland’s best days are ahead. I believe the best days are ahead and that we can pull things around and deliver some of the important Energy Coast projects to bring socio-economic development.”

Sellafield union activist Coun Pollen said: “I will do my best for Egremont and Copeland despite the devastating cuts nationwide, which is why I got involved. What I really want to do is look after people who are most underprivileged in our area.”

Reigning council leader Elaine Woodburn retained her seat comfortably in the same ward.

She said: “I am proud to have led the council for the last eight years and have made no secret of the fact that I want to continue in the same position.

“Never before in those eight years have I had to propose a budget which actually made people unemployed and I don’t hide the fact that it is because of the cuts we have had to face from government. It’s going to get more difficult but I think as a group working together we can overcome those challenges.”

Despite their disappointments, the Tories can also bring new young blood on the council.

Stephen Haraldsen celebrated his 26th birthday by taking one of the two Tory seats in Whitehaven’s Hillcrest ward, where new county council chairman John Woolley failed in his bid for Labour. Coun Haraldsen topped the Hillcrest poll ahead of stalwart Alistair Norwood, who retained the other Tory seat.

With Copeland facing a huge financial deficit over the next four years, Coun Haraldsen said: “This council has to focus on efficiencies and not cut front line services. I will be working to ensure this doesn’t happen.”

He works on the Westlakes Science Park.

Labour also has several new councillors who stood for the first time including all three of the returned Labour candidates.

One of them, Phil Greatorex, lives at Brampton, near Carlisle, but has a role in “knowledge management” at Sellafield.

Coun Greatorex said he did not see living outside the area as a barrier. “For a number of years I have been supporting the borough council through activities connected to the Copeland regeneration programme.

“This area is very dependent on public spending programmes so obviously with the cuts people have been affected right across the area.

“We have made a point of speaking to residents on the doorstep in the Bransty ward and clearly they have welcomed that face to face contact.”

Among the other newcomers is Dave Riley, another Sellafield worker. He topped the poll in Cleator Moor South where he said he wanted to see more regeneration money ploughed into developing the former Kangol and Ehenside School sites in particular.”

At Mirehouse Peter Kane, the Sellafield GMB convenor swept in for Labour to join brother John who retained his Whitehaven Harbour place with a massive 913 votes.

But topping the votes overall was Tory group leader David Moore.

He polled 935 votes to retain one of the two Seascale seats, Eileen Eastwood also being returned with 878 votes.

“While it was a good result for me personally it was a disappointing day for us as a group,” said Coun Moore.

He added: “In our canvassing we did put forward some alternatives to the way things should be run in the future. Obviously we failed to get our message across as well as we would have liked.”

Labour made a one-seat gain in Newtown, Millom, through another West Cumbrian union representative - John Fallows, organiser for Unite.

Borough council results

THE names in italics are the candidates elected.

Arlecdon (one seat):
Marie Simpson (Con), 87;
Graham Sunderland (Ind)*, 359.
Turnout 37.25%

Beckermet (two):
Yvonne Clarkson (Con)*, 681;
Jim Hewitson (Lab), 340;
John Jackson (Con)*, 536.
Turnout 46.27%

Bootle (one):
Anne Bradshaw (Lab), 92;
Keith Hitchen (Con)*, 453.
Turnout 51.55%

Bransty (three):
Phil Greatorex (Lab), 710;
Allan Mossop (Con)*, 642;
Brian O'Kane (Con), 653;
Dave Smith (Lab), 803;
Gillian Troughton (Lab), 801;
Christopher Whiteside (Con)*, 649.
Turnout 40.42%

Cleator Moor North (three):
Hugh Branney (Lab)*, 680;
Alexander Carroll (Con), 280;
Joan Hully (Lab)*, 723;
Bill Southward (Lab)*, 688;
Daniel Verity (BNP), 129.
Turnout 33.04%

Cleator Moor South (two):
Dave Banks (Lab)*, 502;
Colin Boyton (BNP), 88;
David Riley (Lab), 576;
David Walker (Con), 118.
Turnout 33.73%

Distington (three):
Jackie Bowman (Lab)*, 598;
John Bowman (Lab), 614;
Brian Dixon, (Ind)*, 486;
Sheena Margaret Jane Gray (Con), 272;
Frank Hollowell (Lib Dem) 284;
Simon Leyton (Lab), 431.
Turnout 39.14%

Egremont North (three):
Karl Connor (Lab), 635;
John Postlethwaite Holmes (Con), 371;
Sam Meteer (Ind)*, 509;
Sam Pollen (Lab), 714;
Elaine Woodburn (Lab)*, 685.
Turnout 39.95%

Egremont South (three):
Nicola Hewitt (Ind), 295;
Lena Hogg (Lab), 694;
Elizabeth Hutson (Con), 398;
Graham Victor Hutson (Con), 374;
Mike McVeigh (Lab)*, 803;
Carole Woodman (Lab), 676.
Turnout 43.27%

Ennerdale (one):
Andy Crow (Green), 28;
Mike Minogue (Lib Dem), 58;
Cam Ross (Lab), 96;
Bob Salkeld (Con)*, 265.
Turnout 54.27%

Peter Connolly (Lab)*, 489;
Hazel Dirom (Con), 255;
Jon Downie (Lab), 355.
Turnout 37.3%

Gosforth (one):
Alan Jacob (Con)*, 478;
Bernard Kirk (Lab), 139.
Turnout 46.73%

Harbour (three):
Martin Barbour (Con), 468;
John Kane (Lab)*, 913;
Graham Roberts (Con), 440;
Jeanette Williams (Lab)*, 730;
Dorothy Wonnacott (Con), 447;
Henry Wormstrup (Lab), 746.
Turnout 40.92%

Haverigg (one):
Carl Carter (Lab), 225;
Doug Wilson (Con)*,282.
Turnout 48.24%

Hensingham (three):
Margarita Docherty (Lab)*, 619;
Geoff Garrity (Lab)*, 729;
Mary Elizabeth Lomas (Con), 302;
Norman Williams (Lab)*, 653.
Turnout 33.75%

Hillcrest (two):
Stephen Haraldsen (Con), 567;
Alistair Norwood (Con)*, 518;
John Woolley (Lab), 360.
Turnout 45.69%

Holborn Hill (two):
Denise Burness (Lab), 259;
Fred Gleaves (Con)*, 398;
Jane Micklethwaite (Con), 308;
Jack Park (Lab)*, 360;
Neil Wilson (Green), 73.
Turnout 41.85%

Kells (two):
George Clements (Lab)*, 508;
Glenn Gray (Con), 199;
Allan Holliday (Lab)*, 399.
Turnout 37.43%

Millom Without (one):
Karon Carter (Lab), 82;
Lynette Rosemary Gilligan (Green), 152;
Gilbert Scurrah (Con)*, 386.
Turnout 52.53%

Mirehouse (three):
George Benson, BNP, 194;
Anne Faichney (Lab)*, 775;
Peter Kane (Lab), 711;
Jim King (Con), 225;
Paul Whalley (Lab)*, 583.
Turnout 32.73%

Moresby (one):
Geoff Blackwell (Lab)*, 243;
Brigid Whiteside (Con), 194.
Turnout 40.78%

Newtown (three):
Brian Crawford (Con), 432;
John Fallows (Lab), 725;
Francis Reginald Heathcote (Con)*, 613;
Fee Wilson (Con), 480.
Turnout 43.02%

Sandwith (two):
Adrian Paul Davis-Johnston (Con), 131;
John James Dirom (Con), 104;
Malcolm Southward (BNP), 130;
Peter Stephenson (Lab), 373;
Peter David Tyson (Lab)*, 352.
Turnout 35.73%

Seascale (two):
Eileen Eastwood (Con)*, 878;
David Moore (Con)*, 935;
Wendy Skillicorn (Lab), 292.
Turnout 54.87%

St Bees (one):
Alan Alexander (Lab), 216;
Ian Rowland Hill (Con), 475.
Turnout 51.66%

Parish council results

Arlecdon & Frizington, Frizington Ward (six councillors):
Deborah Elizabeth Carter, 351; Linda Rose Cass, 444; Peter Connolly (Lab), 482; John Joseph Dunn, 305; Norman Pearce , 430; Daniel Verity (BNP), 100; Alison Mary Woods, 346.

Cleator Moor South (five councillors):
Colin Boyton (BNP), 115; Steven Butterworth, 374; Gary Carruthers, 306; David Hully, 333; Stephen John Sim, 262; Bill Southward (Lab), 523

Cleator Moor North (seven councillors):
Michelle Joan Denwood , 345; Barrie James Fowler, 486; Joan Hully (Lab), 742; Linda Jones-Bulman, 287; Margaret Messenger, 378; Tommy Taylor, 729; Daniel Verity (BNP), 160; Brian Woodburn, 391.

Millom, Newtown North (four councillors):
Pauline Margaret Altree (Con), 192; Barbara Crellin (Lab), 171; Christopher William Ralph East (Ind), 175; Audrey Gabbert (Con), 197; Francis Reginald Heathcote (Con), 246; Christine Lovell (Con), 177.

Millom, Newtown South (three councillors):
Raymond Cole (Con), 368; John Fallows (Lab), 406; Frank McPhillips (Con), 360; Fee Wilson (Con), 294.

Millom, Haverigg Ward (three councillors);
Janice Brown (Lab), 296; Carl Carter (Lab), 203; Joan Hobbs (Con), 238; Doug Wilson (Con), 262.

Millom, Holborn Hill Ward (five councillors):
Denise Burness (Lab), 293; Brian Crawford (Con), 321; Tony Gilmore (Lab), 271; Fred Gleaves (Con), 413; Jane Micklethwaite (Con), 330; Jack Park (Lab), 399; Ruth Peter (Con), 257.

Parton (13 councillors):
John Bellfield, 129; George Benson (BNP), 30; Louisa Elizabeth Bestford, 138; Claire Heskett, 135; William Morton, 182; Philip John Neen, 155; Stacey Louise Neen, 133; Anne Ostle, 170; Stanley Peel, 175; Benjamin Quayle, 173; Sharon Lorraine Rogan, 152; Malcolm Southward (BNP), 29; William Willis Stewart, 139; Kevin Young, 169; Valda Karen Young, 171.


Arlecdon & Frizington, Arlecdon Ward: Jon Downie; Peter Fox; Graham Sunderland, Independent.
Beckermet: Colin Gordon Boothroyd, Ind; Kathleen Mary Cook; John Mackay; Edwin Charles Matthews; Sam Meteer; Janice Oliver; Ann Elizabeth Rishworth; Claire Winrow.
Bootle: Alan Leslie Brown; Steve Ernest Dalton; Steven John Fell; Charles Anthony James; Ian Marrs; Ronald Singleton; John Southward; James David Thomas; Peter John Woodhouse.
Distington: Jackie Bowman; John Bowman; Charles John Clark; Lily Wallis Clark; Carl Cooper; Brian Dixon; Reg Gallacher; Colin Barry Harding; Shanette Yvonne Harding; Ron Lister; Willis Metherell; Lee Visick; Betty Walker; Jeanette Williams; Shelly Marie Wilson.
Drigg & Carleton: Adrian Dalton; Keith Hitchen; John Duncan Robert Jennings; Jimmy Naylor; Andrew Pratt; Bob Williamson.
Egremont North: John Burns; Jean Lewthwaite; Chris Ross; Gareth Stringer; Elaine Woodburn.
Egremont South: June Bland; Lena Hogg; Gerard McKendry; Mike McVeigh.
Ennerdale & Kinniside: Christopher Jeremy Ayling; William Muir Lachlan; Judith Margaret Oakley; David Ian Wood, Independent.
Eskdale: Mary Brown; Ralph Christopher Jackson; Malcolm Watson; Susan Wedley.
Gosforth: Claire Christina Gallery-Strong; David Gray; Graham Hutson; Gillian Claire Jackson; Alan Edgar Jacob; Michael Stanley McKinley; Tyson Norman; Richard Garth Wright.
Haile & Wilton: Stephen Hunter; Kenneth William O'Hara; Elizabeth Anne Phipps; Joyce Reed; Leslie Ritchie Robertson; Dorothy Routledge; Henry Gordon Smith.
Lamplugh: Roger Graham Braithwaite; John Davis; Rosalie Parker; John Harold Postans; Paul Price; Wilfred Relph Richardson; Cam Ross; Chris Spencer.
Lowca: John Crawford; Brian Ennis; Frank Hollowell; Tom Milligan; Marjorie Moore; Ann Oliver; Mercia Oliver; Gillian Strickland; Elizabeth Walker.
Lowside Quarter: Stephen Edward Clague; Ronald Fowler; Sean Francis Gannon; Graham Mossop.
Millom Without: Jennifer Ann Barker; Wendy Patricia Battersby; Bob Brown; Jennifer Ingrid Case; Jack Giles; David John Griffiths; Edward Wilson Huck; Mark David Kitchingman; John Phifer; David Powell; Brian Christopher Wright.
Moresby: Alan Clarke; Lesley Coward; Neil Horricks; Paul William Kelly; Alan Lawson; Sandy Mackay; Hazel McGuirk; Jeanette Pritchard; Sharon Michelle Rossin; Nick Troughton; Laura Young.
Muncaster: Neil James Anderson; Jane de Mouilpied Fremont, Independent; Peter Edward Frost-Pennington; Brian Edward Kennish; Christine O'Riordan, Independent; Leo Saldanha; Kathleen Mavis Tebb; Edna Thornton.
Ponsonby: Robert Edward Jones; Robin George Munro; Allan Rigg; Jonathan Edward Stanley; Philip Stanley; Ranald Moray Ross Stewart. Seascale: Elaine Dickinson; Eileen Eastwood; Rodney Kimber; Ken Mawson; John McElroy; David Moore; Helen Corinna Pateman; Stephen Pritt; Malcolm Southward, BNP; Phillip Taylor; Clive Willoughby; Andrew Stephen Woolass.
St Bees, Rottington: Barbara Hewetson.
St Bees: Neil Peter Bettinson; Christopher John Davidson; Grant Grenville Gilmour; John Alan Haile; Ian Rowland Hill; Karen James; Tom Kelly; Gus Kennedy; Douglas Millington; Sean Adrian Moules; Chris Robson; Douglas Sim; Harry Strong; Valerie Turpin.
Waberthwaite: Pamela Beckwith; Alan Joseph Clegg; Alistair James Hadwin; Norman Southward; Michael John Steele; Richard Thornton; John Varden; Eric John Wilson.
Weddicar: Graham Andrew Fairhall; Ivor Fee; Bryan Geoffrey Haslop; Bryan McCarron; Reginald Frances Muncaster; Ronald Palmer; Sharon Vaughan; William Richardson Wood.
Whicham Parish: Susan Rose Capstick; Andrew Fell; Edith May Lister; Peter Alan Rand; Sarah Elizabeth Wilson.


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