West Lakes Academy's Cumbrian day

10 May 2017 5:46PM

Cumbrian raps and role-play helped academy students to appreciate the county’s dialect and accent.

West Lakes Academy’s English department held a Proud to be Cumbrian day after a successful first event last year.

Students researched features of the accent compared to standard English before writing and performing their own Cumbrian raps while academy staff recorded video messages expressing why they are proud to be Cumbrian.

They also created dictionaries and acted out role play scenarios which switched between standard and non-standard English.

English teacher Carly Macleod, who organised the event, said: “Last year’s Proud to be Cumbrian Day was a huge success with our pupils spending the day appreciating the local accent and dialect, realising that it is a valid form of language in appropriate situations.

“Pupils also learnt the importance of switching to Standard English in more formal contexts. As well as this, pupils heard from successful Cumbrians in order to inspire them and show them that your postcode shouldn’t affect your chances of success in life.

“We ran the day again this year as we believe it is important to celebrate who we are. We want our pupils to be confident in themselves, aim high and realise that the way you pronounce ‘path’ shouldn’t determine yours!”

The academy welcomed former Carlisle United footballer Jeff Thorpe to speak to students about how having an accent has played in his success as a footballer and now as a lecturer at the University of Cumbria.

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