West Cumbrian beauty spot hit by fly-tipping again

15 March 2017 11:25AM

A Copeland beauty spot has again been blighted by fly-tippers.

Piles of household rubbish – including furniture, toys and crockery – have been left strewn over open countryside close to Eskett Quarry, near Frizington.

It’s the latest fly-tipping episode in a series to blight the vicinity of the quarry – located only a mile from a designated public tip – in recent months. The News & Star reported in December that sofas, an oven and a fridge have been among the items dumped at the site.

The angry member of public who took the latest shock photos this week said: "The whole area offers peaceful countryside enjoyment with its superb outlook on to the Ennerdale fells.

"Although the council refuse point is visible and less than a mile away, people still choose to go to the extra effort of dumping household rubbish at the quarry.

"Although Eskett Quarry has recently ceased being operational, fly-tipping on its perimeter has worsened since its closure."

The resident who found the dumped items has reported it to Copeland Council, and has passed on address information by which the culprit could be identified that was found within the rubbish.

She has urged the council "to take a strong response to tackle it".

The resident said: "We need zero-tolerance on tipping. How are we ever to put ourselves on the map as somewhere nice to visit when our towns and country roads are public tips?"

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