Skills programme opens up opportunities for job-seekers

Julie Betteridge: CBC director of customer and community services
Julie Betteridge: CBC director of customer and community services
8 February 2017 12:41PM

Eleven people are now ready for the world of work thanks to the Copeland Work and Skills Partnership.

Run by Howgill Family Centre, which has a base at Cleator Moor, and Lakes College West, the job seekers went on a specially-tailored programme to help them develop job search, CV writing and interview skills.

The training was completed one day a week over 13 weeks and was funded from the Copeland Work and Skills Programme’s Employability Fund.

It pays for costs like training, travel, childcare, interview clothing and equipment – meaning people who might have missed out on work or training opportunities due to cost are not disadvantaged.

Copeland’s director for customers and communities, Julie Betteridge, said: “The Employability Fund is a fantastic resource that opens up opportunities for unemployed people in Copeland. The support offered through it can have a hugely positive impact on people’s long term job prospects.”

The job seekers received an L1 Award in personal and social development and an Entry 3 Certificate in using employability skills.

The Employability Fund is part of a programme of activities delivered by the Copeland Work and Skills Partnership. Copeland Community Fund pays for the partnership’s skills activities, while Copeland Council is providing a staff member for three years to devise and deliver them.

Kay Wayman, a therapeutic practitioner employed by Howgill Family Centre, said: “One of the participants has managed to find employment through being involved in the programme.

“Three more are due to progress to an adult social care course as their next step. Addressing the childcare needs and having access to a childcare facility has made things easier and increased participation.”

For further information about the programme contact Chris Pickles on 01946 598326 or chris.pickles@

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