Parton homes get the go-ahead

20 March 2017 3:00PM

Plans for seven homes have been given the go-ahead – despite objections from nearby residents.

Copeland councillors unanimously approved outline plans for seven new homes on land at Bank Yard Road, Parton.

Applicant Stephen Madrick told councillors that he and his family would like to build a mix of bungalows and houses on the land.

Mr Madrick, who lives near the site, said: “All we want to do is enhance the area. There is rubbish strewn all over the place. All we can do is tidy up the place and enhance the value of other people’s homes around there.”

Five letters of objection were sent to Copeland Council citing numerous concerns, including devaluation of existing properties, and loss of sea view, light and privacy.

There were also concerns about extra traffic causing congestion, safety concerns regarding traffic and a loss of parking and turning area.

Objector Sharon Loosley said the proposed new homes would cause “disruption in a really quiet area” and would “obliterate” the view for current residents. She also raised concerns about potential coastal erosion and possible noise issues.

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