November date for KFC opening in West Cumbria

27 March 2017 8:00AM

The countdown has begun for fast food chain KFC to open its new outlet in Workington.

The chicken company is working towards a November opening date for the restaurant and drive-thru at Lakes Road, opposite the Derwent Drive industrial estate.

It was five years ago when KFC first revealed its plans to build in the town and last year plans were approved for the two-storey development, which will create 30 jobs.

Since permission was granted, the firm has been working to clear a number of planning hurdles before building work can begin.

The director of Architect Ltd, Geoff Eaton, who is working on behalf of KFC, has revealed the company is working towards an opening in eight months.

A number of senior roles in the restaurant are already being advertised.

As part of the plans, a seven-foot monument honouring the Bessemer smelter used at Workington steelworks is set to be included.

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