New street lights for town's Main Street

26 April 2017 2:59PM

Brighter street lights are being installed on the town's Main Street thanks to a county council scheme.

Cumbria County Council has revealed it is upgrading the lights to 'heritage' lamp posts with LED lights.

This is part of the council's LED light replacement programme which is to be carried out across the county.

"We are upgrading the lights as the previous ones were getting old," said a spokesman for the council.

"The new lights will be modern, efficient and LED so they will be brighter and will last longer. This will save public funds in the long run as we will not have to change or replace them as often."

The county council say the project is 95 percent complete, with the remaining lights set to be replaced as soon as possible.

And Egremont Town Council has welcomed the move, with chair Lena Hogg admitting the previous lights had been a safety concern.

She said: "The new lights designated for Egremont Main Street, from the cemetery all the way down the street, are very welcome and I can only thank the county council for this improvement.

"The existing lights are past their best and do not have enough power to adequately light the street leaving some areas in near darkness.

"In fact people have said to me that they are glad when the Christmas lights are on as the Main Street looks so much brighter."

Poor lighting has also been a worry for motorists as it has made it harder to see pedestrians who are attempting to cross the road.

Coun Hogg said: "Better lighting will help motorists who I know from experience find it difficult to see jaywalkers in dark clothing suddenly walking out in the road.

"It will hopefully help to reduce anti-social behaviour and littering too."

And Cumbria County Council's Highways working group is set to meet this week to discuss introducing traffic calming measures in Moor Row.

Traffic concerns have long been a problem in the village, with cars recorded travelling at high speeds through the village.

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