Helpful students get to the paint

19 May 2017 12:56PM

Students from Lakes College have helped transform a large container into an attractive storage unit for a West Cumbrian school.

Ewanrigg Junior School in Maryport obtained an old, rusting, orange container to use as a storage for playground and sports equipment.

The school approached Lakes College and the painting and decorating department agreed to carry out the work.

Tutor Christine Steele said 20 students, from all over West Cumbria, had rubbed the container down, removed rust and painted it.

“They used aluminium oxide and wire brushes on the rust, scraped the whole container down and then painted it. It was a great experience for them.”

The college’s art department will add more decoration at a later date.

Mrs Steele said this was one of a number of community projects undertaken by the college. “In college our students have a cubicle, about the size of a living room, to practise painting and decorating.

“Projects such as this give the students more scope to learn and helps the community,” she said.

The students have carried out projects at Hayton Castle and Workington Rugby League Club in recent months.

Emma Tolmie, of Ewanrigg Junior School, said the project had been a huge success.

“The container was so old and rusty. This project has given the college students experience and has also taught our children a great example in up-cycling,” she said.

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