Head’s pride in Ofsted report

17 May 2017 4:13PM

A headteacher has praised her staff for working their magic to produce “fabulous lessons” for pupils.

Pamela Telford said she was delighted with the recent Ofsted report which shows Monkwray juniors is a ‘good’ school.

“It reflects the hard work, dedication and commitment from both staff and pupils – that is apparent when you walk into our fantastic school,” she said.

Government inspector Helen O’Neill praised the school in a number of areas, calling it “welcoming, warm and bright”.

In her report, she said: “Pupils enjoy coming to school and are enthusiastic about learning. Pupils talk confidently about their learning and told me how they love ‘learning fun things’ and how well teachers help them to understand and guide them if needed.”

She said significant improvements had been made since the last inspection. The report stated that pupils are well mannered and polite.

Mrs Telford said: “We are aware of how important it is to appreciate that we are all part of a wider community, and myself and staff remind the children about how saying something as simple as please and thank you, taking care of others and being proud of our school is all part of growing up.

“This has always been a strength of Monkwray because I believe Monkwray Junior School is part of a good local community who work hard to make everyone feel good about themselves.”

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