Flood alerts in place across Cumbria

13 September 2017 1:17PM

A flood warning and several flood alerts are in place across Cumbria this morning following a night of heavy rain.

The county is currently under the grip of the tail-end of a yellow weather warning for wind and rain as Storm Aileen works its way over the county.

A flood warning - meaning flooding is expected and people should take action - is in place at Keswick Campsite.

Several flood alerts - meaning flooding is possible - are in place in other locations. They are:

  • Lower River Eden
  • Middle River Eden
  • Rivers Caldew and Petteril
  • Rivers Cocker, Marron and Derwent
  • Rivers Ehen, Calder, Irt and Esk
  • Upper River Derwent, Stonethwaite Beck and Derwent Water
Alerts have been sent by the Environment Agency to those signed up to warnings schemes in affected areas.

Drivers have been urged to take extra care with standing water in place on many roads across the county.

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