Cumbrian man in court for harassment after repeatedly giving victim sweets

16 February 2017 7:42AM

A 61-year-old man has appeared before magistrates accused of harassing a young girl - by repeatedly giving her unwanted chocolate and toys.

Isaac Gordon, of Woodstock Lane, Whitehaven, is accused of committing the offence without violence between April 1 last year and June 30.

Carlisle's Rickergate magistrates' court heard that the charge included a claim that the defendant repeatedly posted unwanted sweets and toys through the victim's letterbox.

The charge states: "You repeatedly gave to the complainant unwanted chocolate and nougat; repeatedly posted unwanted confectionery and toys through the complainant's letterbox; attended the complainants address uninvited after a warning not to approach."

He is said to have gone to the girl's home and called her his "little pal" as he offered more gifts.

The defendant denied the allegation when he appeared in court on February 8, though he did not appear in court in Carlisle when the case was considered this week. He was represented by defence lawyer John Cooper. Magistrates set the trial date for March 7.

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