Cumbrian man has the last laugh at his funeral

The funeral hearse of Mike Stubbs
The funeral hearse of Mike Stubbs
28 July 2017 1:10PM

Mike Stubbs had the last laugh when he died.

His family honoured his wishes by creating a scene from one of his favourite shows - League of Gentlemen.

His hearse was adorned with flowers spelling out a swear word - merely a joke he wanted to carry through on his final journey.

Mr Stubbs, who lived in Etterby, Carlisle, died on July 18 after battling cancer.

He was very much loved by his family and friends and got the last laugh, just like he wanted.

His wife Jennifer and daughter Lisa asked Tracy Lazonby, of Final Journey Funerals in Carlisle, to make the arrangements.

His funeral was held on Thursday at Carlisle Crematorium.

Tracy said: "He certainly got the whole city laughing and talking. He loved comedy and he loved this sketch."

Tracy put an explanation on her Facebook page after the photo of the hearse driving down Lowther Street went viral on the social media site.

She said in the statement: "An unusual one today - which we feel requires a little explanation ... A request from a dying man with a cheeky sense of humour to replicate his favourite scene from the League of Gentleman TV show at his own funeral.

"He was very much loved by his family and friends and got the last laugh, just like he wanted."

She said: "I just thought I'd better explain that's why I posted an explanation.

"When Mike's family made his funeral arrangements they didn't think it would be possible to have flowers spelling out that word but anything is possible.

"They didn't want to cause offence and they were bothered about getting into trouble but they needn't have worried. He was a fan of the show and it made him laugh.

"Because he'd been ill he had time to plan his funeral and this was what he wanted. His family honoured that."

On Facebook David Fell said: "It certainly got everyone's attention, summed up Mikes sense of humour."

Kerry Anne said: "This is brilliant. Sense of humour still flowing through one last time. Rip matey."

Sheila Gill said: "Aw well done Mike! I wouldn't have expected anything less from you!! Fantastic."

The floral funeral arrangement was made by Edmondson's Florist on Boundary Road in Currock.

Donations at Mr Stubbs's funeral were collected for Cancer Research UK.

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