By-election for Whitehaven Town Council role

Norman Williams
Norman Williams
22 March 2017 12:58PM

A by-election will be held for Whitehaven Town Council following the resignation of one of its councillors.

Members of the Mirehouse ward will be heading to the polls in May to vote for a new town councillor.

It follows the resignation of town councillor Norman Williams who has served on the town council since it was formed in May 2015.

Mr Williams is also known for serving on Copeland Council and in local politics for many years.

Marlene Jewell, interim clerk for the town council, said at a meeting last night, members praised Mr Williams' great service to Whitehaven Town Council, Copeland Council and other councils.

She said Mr Williams has "contributed a great deal".

Following his resignation, members of the public had the chance to call for a by-election to be held for the seat.

Mrs Jewell said 10 or more people in the Mirehouse ward said they wanted an election.

This will be held on Thursday, May 4 at the same time as the Cumbria County Council elections.

Nominations for the post can be submitted from March 24 until April 4. Anyone wanting to put themselves forward must live in the parish of Whitehaven.

Forms must be submitted to Copeland Borough Council.

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