Building work starts on West Cumbria's first KFC restaurant

10 May 2017 9:37AM

Work has started on West Cumbria's first KFC restaurant.

The building area at Lakes Road, Workington, has been fenced off and diggers have begun moving on to the site.

It will come as welcome news for KFC fans as it was six years ago when the popular chain first revealed it hoped to open in the town.

The fried chicken company began advertising for jobs in managerial positions in March.

The architect working on behalf of KFC has said the fast food firm wants to open this year.

Geoffrey Eaton said: “Completion is planned for early September.”

in 2010, KFC announced its interest in Workington and last year an application was approved for the two-storey development, at Lakes Road, opposite Derwent Drive industrial estate.

The restaurant and drive-through will create 30 jobs.

The firm has been working through the beginning of the year to clear a number of planning conditions attached to the permission.

Allerdale councillor Mark Fryer, who is responsible for the borough’s economic development, has welcomed the company’s move to the town, saying it will help stop people travelling outside of the borough.

“I’m more than happy to see national or international names come to Workington,” he said.

“I know people will travel to find the shops and restaurants that they want – we have to stop the drain to Carlisle and the other big towns and cities and hold money here in our economy.”

As part of the plans, a seven-foot monument honouring the Bessemer smelter used at Workington Steelworks is set to be included.

It will be carved and sculpted in local limestone, which was used to smelt iron in the Bessemer process.

Phil Atkinson, Operations Manager at QFM, a franchisee of KFC, said: "We are really chuffed to be opening a new drive-thru in Workington on Lakes Road which is due to open later this year.

"We look forward to welcoming our local fans into the restaurant."

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