Bride spends wedding night in A&E

Maggie and David Curwen
Maggie and David Curwen
12 October 2017 4:03PM

An Egremont bride spent her wedding night in A&E after breaking her leg while saying goodbye to guests.

One minute Maggie Curwen was on her reception dance floor looking forward to her honeymoon, the next she was unconscious receiving gas and air from a paramedic.

“I don’t know what happened,’’ she said. “There were about 200 guests and I was just saying goodbye to them before we left to spend the night at the Chase Hotel.

“I’m not sure if I tripped over my dress or got it caught. I just fell flat.

“When I came round, my stepson Wayne said my foot was facing the other way.”

Maggie, of The Crescent, and her husband David, were married at St John’s Church, Hensingham, on September 30.

The couple, who have been engaged for eight years, held their reception at the Haven Club where David is steward and Maggie runs Maggie’s Catering.

An ambulance was called as Maggie was in and out of consciousness.

“The ambulance man packed my leg and I remember being carried down the Haven stairs in a chair, seeing my son Harry looking really worried.”

She was taken to A&E at the West Cumberland Hospital where she said: “I was told it took three members of staff to take my dress off.

“I just remember signing the paperwork to be treated and then was operated on for a broken leg and dislocated ankle. I spent my wedding night on a hospital ward.”

Maggie is allergic to morphine.

She said: “It was hell. I was just taking paracetamol and codeine it was so painful.”

Maggie was transferred to Carlisle where she remained for several days.

Now, she must wear a full lower leg cast for eight weeks.

“We’d had a lovely wedding day, it was fantastic,’’ she said. “We will be rearranging our honeymoon for next year now!”

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