Jaguar Land Rover Success

27 January 2017 1:12PM

Jaguar Land Rover has set a new record in 2016, producing 1,727,471 vehicles. It means that they are the largest automotive manufacturer in Britain, accounting for more than 30% of all domestic car production last year.

This underlines the improvement from the car manufacturer since 2009, when their total annual production was 158,000 units.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Global Sales Director said: "Jaguar Land Rover has once again shown that investment in new models, skills and advanced technology are critically important to ensure Britain has a thriving automotive industry - even in the face of current uncertainty.

"To be the UK's largest automotive business once again is a tremendous achievement. We are proud to call ourselves a British company and are committed to ensuring manufacturing remains the backbone of the British economy."