Halfords and StreetRepairs.co.uk in Pothole Initiative

5 January 2017 4:35PM

Halfords Autocentre has become the official sponsor of the StreetRepairs.co.uk website and National Pothole Day 2017.

The collaboration will allow road users to have the safety of their vehicle checked after going through a pothole. Said a Halfords spokesperson: "Halfords Autocentres are pleased to be the official sponsors of National Pothole Day 2017 in partnership with Streetrepairs. We care about the safety of the UK motorist, that's why we decided to sponsor #NationalPotholeDay. It made sense that we offered a free steering, tyre and suspension check carried out by our fully trained technicians after hitting a pothole."

Potholes are an increasing problem on Britain's roads, causing damage to vehicles and presenting a potential safety hazard. But now, with every Halfords Autocentre throughout the UK offering a steering, tyre, and suspension safety check absolutely free of charge, drivers will be able to remain safe.

Mark Morrell, spokesperson for Street Repairs, said: "Working with one of the UK's most recognized motoring brands to ensure the safety of road users is yet another exciting step towards correcting road safety issues and encouraging more people to get involved with the issue of road maintenance and vehicle damage."

Streetrepairs.co.uk launched National Pothole Day in 2014 and since then, the campaign has grown in popularity with the pothole-weary road user.