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Sunday, 05 July 2015

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Even a lone voice can eventually be heard

SIR – I can appreciate Brian Parnaby’s frustration having not received a response regarding the gradual destruction of one of Whitehaven’s once premier churches. The silence and lack of interest shown does not come as a surprise to me.

DERELICT: The former Methodist Church in Whitehaven

I agree with his plea: we should not let this beautiful church building deteriorate to the point of ruination. Intervention on its preservation should be given priority.

Cleator Moor Methodist Church on Ennerdale Road is a prime example of what can happen if action isn’t taken promptly. It is now a shadow of its former glory, the buildings and its grounds left to decline into a ruinous disgrace.

I have campaigned with ‘one voice’ for many years through the media, bringing the church’s deterioration to the attention of the local authorities. Like Mr Parnaby I got a nil response from the authorities or the public and my voice on the subject was the only one heard for 10 years. Sadly even the town council didn’t recognise we had a ruinous church in the town until I brought it to their attention.

Fortunately, after many years of campaigning, it has now been recognised as a grot spot in the town by Copeland Borough Council and a new owner is proposing new plans for the building and grounds.

The church in Whitehaven must not be left to be vandalised and spoiled of its beauty. Keep shouting Mr Parnaby. Your one voice will be listened to in the end.

Mrs Patricia SHARKEY

Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor

SIR – I think that when Mr Brian Parnaby, the self-appointed custodian of Copeland, takes the trouble to alert the people that one of the edifices to gullibility, the Methodist Church, is crumbling round their ears then the least they can do is spring to attention and acknowledge his valiant efforts. The poor chappie feels so isolated that he is having to write endless letters to stir up people from their apathy (or, as he so brilliantly puts it, stop them “metamorphing into philistines”).

What would we do without him?

If he lived in Whitehaven he would know that due to the ConDemned-to-poverty coalition being in power we now have a £10million shortfall for the new hospital, so the top priority of Copeland is to try and make this shortfall up as hospitals save lives, and not throw money away at a unused dwelling which should have the lowest priority. The Methodist Church in Cleator Moor is going to be a 45-room care home so could the same not be done in Whitehaven with private money? His own if he is that concerned.

As usual he gives a vitriolic assessment of the people of Copeland (change the record, that’s a good chap) who, in his opinion, are beneath him. One of the best letters I have read in this paper, from the lady on the cruise ship The World, Mrs Karyn L Planett, made a correct assessment about the true character of the town and its people. What a pleasure to read a sensible letter instead of the puerile rubbish some people submit, myself included I must admit.

From a morphed philistine,


Seacliffe, Whitehaven


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